About Sylvester’s

Sylvester’s belongs to CISA, Community Involved in Sustaining Agriculture. we actively promote and purchase  local foods and products as much as possible while keeping our prices reasonable. Some of our Local Hero  Farms:

In season fruits and produce from Red Fire Farms in Granby and other local suppliers

  • Apples and apple cider from Bashista’s Orchards in Southampton.
  • Dairy products from Mapleline Farm in North Hadley.
  • Yogurt from Sidehill Farm in Ashfield.
  • Maple syrup from Snowshoe Farm in Worthington.
  • Some of our hamburger for specials is from Chicoine Farm in Easthampton.
  • All of our eggs come from The Country Hen in Hubbardston, Mass. All of there eggs are fresh, local and Organic.
  • Local Goat cheese from Sangha Farm in Plainfield
  • Fresh Alfalfa Sprouts from The Gill Greenery
  • Lots of Fresh vegetables from Jason Shea and Red Fire Farm

Sylvester’s belongs to Pioneer Valley Local First, a local organization dedicated to promoting a buy local first initiative.

Reduce, Reuse, Recycle

We’re proud to be working with Alternative Recycling Systems to compost most  of our food and paper waste. All of our cardboard is recycled and all of our plastics, cans and bottles are recycled thereby reducing our waste going to the landfill. During the last two years we have begun to use compostable forks knives and spoons for takeout. Most of our takeout containers are now compostable paper and most recently we have found a compostable straw. We have greatly reduced the amount of trash we are generating, mostly by composting.

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